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Iran Appointed to UN Commission on Disarmament

Catching up after a weekend away from news, events and turmoil, I browsed through Ettela'at International, which refers to itself as "The Only International Persian Daily Newspaper". Scanning through the PDF version of the Ettela'at 13April06 front page, a curious bit in the upper right hand corner:

UN Commission on Disarmament elects Iran as deputy for Asian nations

Instantly, the ears perked up and the digging began in earnest with memories of Libya chairing the UN Human Rights Commission in 2003. With a writing task of a much closer look in the works, I ran across Partners in Evil by Joseph Klein, which had been posted 13 minutes into the 'dig'. There is no need to duplicate the work. Klein's on target and offers a scathing rebuke of Kofi Annan in the process.

Annan is living in a fantasy world if he thinks Ahmadinejad and the fanatical mullahs who run Iran can be dealt with reasonably as rational human beings. It is reminiscent of Annan’s quote about Saddam Hussein during the 1990’s that “Saddam Hussein is a man I can do business with.” It is only in such a fantasy world that a country which had threatened to wipe a neighboring member state off the map still merits the UN’s respect as a fair-minded negotiating partner -- even after its president also told the rest of the world that Iran’s destiny as a nuclear power was irreversible and that those who were angry about Iran’s future as a “nuclear country” will “die of this anger.”

Iran acting in any capacity within a UN Nuclear Disarmament committee is beyond the laughable appointment of Libya to the chair of the UN Human Rights Commission. It's downright freightening and goes to further illustrate that there is little united at the United Nations. There is yet again another stench emanating from Turtle Bay.

Kofi Annan says that it is not his job to deal with Iran’s threat to international peace and security, his partnership rhetoric notwithstanding. He says that it is up to the Security Council to deal with the problem. This is a complete dereliction of duty.

Klein obviously holds little back and, sadly, is absolutely right.


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