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Hezbollah Beefing Up Borders

Hezbollah has been and will continue to be referred to here as Iran's Long Arm of Foreign Policy. Consider 'Iran's Front Line'? from Nicholas Blanford:

South Lebanon is a long way from Iran, but if the United States or Israel decides to mount an attack against Iran's nascent nuclear industry, part of Tehran's retaliation may well come along this volatile 70-mile frontier. ...

Hizbullah has been busy along the border too, bolstering its series of observation posts and bunkers spanning the frontier.

"There has been a lot of construction activity recently. They are reinforcing and expanding their positions all along the Blue Line," says a United Nations peacekeeper in south Lebanon referring to the UN's name for the boundary corresponding to the Lebanon-Israel border.

Note: Listen carefully as Walid Phares asks bluntly, Are You Ready for Hizbollah's Pre-emptive Terror?