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From Russia With Love

Most blogs generated by media outlets leave much to be desired. Perhaps there is an exception. It Shines For All is the New York Sun's blog, and today it offers up a gem.

"Iran has unveiled with great fanfare a series of what it portrays as sophisticated, homegrown weapons -- flying boats and missiles invisible to radar, torpedoes too fast to elude," the AP reports.
But experts said Tuesday it appears much of the technology came from Russia and questioned Iran's claims about the weapons' capabilities.
The big news here, which the AP just mentions in a passing sentence, is that Russia is building up the Iranian military. Not that this is surprising, as the two states are close allies. But such a blatant exhibition of these ties makes it all that harder for anyone to insist -- with a straight face at least -- that America work through the United Nations -- where Russia has a veto -- to stop the Iranian nuclear program. Which, incidentally, the Russians are also building.


Perhaps because It Shines For All is written by one dedicated blogger. Perhaps because it is not a media blog populated with self-promoting and show-promoting posts by columnists and anchors for precisely that purpose (visit the 'blogs' of the cable news networks).

Whatever the cause, The New York Sun's blog, much like those at National Review Online for instance, stands on its own 'blog' merits and follows the character of the publication, and without much direct promotion of the Mother Ship (KLO's self-termed 'shameless' Cruise promotions hardly count) or sacrificing the conversational attribute of a good blog.

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Russia's collaboration with the enemies of this country (ie. Iraq, Iran, Syria, Belarus, Serbia, etc) makes it impossible to believe that anything short of another 9/11 would draw a unified statement and/or resolution.