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France Chooses Wrong Side Of History

France's recent history regarding its foreign relations with the Middle East is stark indeed, and its continuing policies of appeasement have not given France the open-arm welcome it expected. In 2003, although France condemned Saddam's actions, France would not support military action against Iraq. As was later proven, France was actively violating UN sanctions by maintaining lucrative financial contacts with Saddam's regime. The fall of Iraq would highlight France's complicity in continuing to keep Saddam armed in the lead up to the war, which also put them on the wrong side of the war.

France's open immigration policy resulted in extensive unemployment for Muslim immigrants and first generation youth born to immigrants. They rioted extensively last fall - torching significant parts of France. The French government seemed surprised that the immigrants were not content with just being in France - they actually wanted much more. Standing as a beacon to the naive, France continues its resistance to history's lessons.

Why would France promote funding for the Palestinian Authority?

Standing aside Chirac was PLO chairman Mahmoud Abbas, who is on a European tour playing the role of the Palestinian moderate. "The international community should give this new government the opportunity to express itself, to adapt, to harmonize itself with international law," Abbas said. "Hamas is adapting. Hamas is today a government, a responsible government with ministers who are working with neighbors, with the Israelis and the world."

Excuse me? Hamas has expressed itself very clearly - the ultimate goal of Hamas is the complete removal of Israel. The only concession it has made to date has been to begin negotiations regarding Israel's surrender and a complete Jewish withdrawal, only if Israel withdraws to the 1967 borders. As for complying with international law, the government has to do that from inception - there is no grace period. Hamas has been in the big chair now for exactly one month. In that time, there's been two suicide bombings, thirteen murdered Israeli civilians. And now nearly complete anarchy in Gaza.

Yes, there have been plenty of Palestinians killed in the past month, too. Violence begets violence - with Hamas declarations in open support of terrorism, Israel has no choice but to act against any perceived impending terrorist acts. The Palestinians will continue to die as long as their so-called legitimate government incites them to act against Israel. If Hamas renounced violence and began controlling its people, then it would be acting as a government should. Its current course is destructive, not only for itself, but for its people.

If France chooses this course of action, then Hamas would use the donations from Saudi Arabia, Iran, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, and Russia for other purposes. France cannot see this? The U.S. and its allies who refuse to fund Hamas are using a UN-approved method of taking a peaceful approach in getting a rogue government to act within the boundaries of the civilized world. The funding that we're talking about is aid - we simply give it and expect a minimal level of gratitude in response. We have no contractual requirement to give away our money and morally, we cannot give it to one country so that it can be used against one of our allies. Is France so myopic?

And Hamas, for their part, appreciate France's efforts.

Hamas, which is not asked to make any compromise to its position in order to have the PA salaries paid – including those of tens of thousands of Hamas members and terrorists – did not object to the plan. "Any means that will maintain the authority of the government and the preservation of money and at the same time help the Palestinian people we will study and think about thoroughly," Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh said of the proposal.

It is considerate on the part of Hamas to study and think about free money from France so that it can continue its war against Israel. French foreign policy defies logic and will continue to put France on the wrong side of history..