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Denial of Service Attack

As you might have noticed, many sites - including ThreatsWatch - have been down this morning due to a denial of service attack on Hosting Matters.

At the moment, ThreatsWatch's dedicated server is available again - and the other sites hosted on it are up and running.

We apologize for the inconvenience.


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1 Comment

The Denial of Service attack is reported to have originated out of Saudi Arabia. The clash of civilizations is on, and we're losing. The first bastion of truth in the war of ideologies - the conservative bloggers - is taken off line by what appears to be the Islamist threat. The MSM has conceded through self-censorship - no bad words are printed about extremist Islam and the threat it poses. We are in a war - a big war. And few people seem to notice. I'm sorry it's an election year, but "ineffectual" is a term that applies to Republicans and Democrats. No politician can see further than the polling stations.

This DoS attack against us directly in the blogosphere only confirms our assessment. We are indeed at war - in the clash of civilizations, which right now is mostly an information war. Let's see if the MSM, the legacy media as they may be called, picks up on this DoS attack and identifies it for what it is - a demonstration of superior firepower in the information battle of the larger campaign against the free world. Although this sounds sensationalist, if you look at current events through these goggles, many things become much clearer and the inexplicable disappears. Taka a look with an open mind and you'll see.