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Demise of America

According to this editorial in Pravda, America's vices are now Russia's problems, thanks to America.

"That country is drowning in vices directly linked to the West’s concept of inherent rights and liberties: abortion; homosexuality; dissolution of traditional marriage; pornography; slavery, prostitution, and exploitation of the oppressed, etc."

Pravda remains the propaganda organ of the Russian Government. Who would this article be pandering to? Would it be a liberal expose, telling Russian society that its problems are not its fault? Or would it be a payback to Iran - this editorial seems eerily reminiscent of Extremist Islam's view of the West.

I focus here on similarities between America and the Soviet Union, two rival systems which have collapsed. Both systems boasted some admirable ideals. There was a period of several decades in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century when America offered immigrants numerous opportunities, which many citizens took advantage of. The Soviet record is more spotted. It took me some time to understand the Soviets’ rabid anti-religiousness. Why did the Soviets work so tirelessly to destroy traditional Russian culture, much of which is, in fact, oriented towards biblical Christian socialism?

I don't even know where to begin in commenting on that last paragraph. Biblical Christian socialism? The Soviet Union? I must have missed something in a byline somewhere. The Soviets destroyed thousands of churches. The only thing "biblical" about the Soyuz was its attempt to enact Armageddon upon anyone professing faith in a higher being than the Chairman of the Central Committee.

Democracy for several generations now has not existed in America. The large corporations continue to increase their power, irregardless of the red or blue façade of the regime. The moral pedigree of a Clinton is as nasty as that of a Bush. As identified by a recent controversial study ignored by the American media, it is, indeed, a cabal of pro-Israeli groups which controls America’s purse-strings and foreign policy.

And now it becomes clear - yes, this is a payback to Iran. Mention the Jews and climb right into bed with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. At least since the author is a man, he can look upon another man's body, without shame or fear of reprisal. And here's the winning non-emotional, well-reasoned conclusion from Mr. O'Donnell (although I would say that he has a couple points in there).

It is the twenty-first century. America is rat-infested history. America will fall, overrun by fatwah-inspired Muslims; wild, dispossessed, self-identified Apache or Aztec guerillas; looting, reparations-deluded African-Americans; indignant Eskimos; flaming cross-dressers and advocates of every sort of politically correct nonsense. History doesn’t last forever, and anyway, America had a couple of good centuries before it turned to cr*p.