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Craig Martelle Joins ThreatsWatch

Please welcome the newest member to ThreatsWatch, Craig Martelle. Craig comes to ThreatsWatch from The Strategic Outlook Institute and is a retired Marine Corps intel officer (and a mustang, which is just how we like our officers).

Craig’s career has had quite an interesting path. After 7 months at the Air Force Academy, the high school valedictorian left because he says he “was not there for the right reasons.” Still in his AFA uniform, Craig wasted no time enlisting in the Marine Corps, where he attended the Defense Language Institute to learn Russian. As a Russian linguist, he was selected for the Marine Enlisted Commission Education Program and later graduated Phi Beta Kappa, Summa Cum Laude from the University of Arizona with a BA in Russian Language in 1990.

In 2002, Craig retired as a Major in Military Intelligence and served tours in Russia at the US Embassy supporting arms control, in Japan and Korea as an intelligence officer and three years at CENTCOM working Middle East issues.

Upon retirement, Craig took a management post at the Transportation Security Administration focusing on airport screening operations. He left the TSA in 2005 and has been a law student at William Howard Taft since.

Readers will surely appreciate the rich background, broad experience and intelligent, reasoned approach to issues and events that Craig Martelle will bring to the table. We find those qualities to be self-evident in his work and believe his analytical skills to be superb.

His first ‘official’ offering at ThreatsWatch, PrincipalAnalysis: Constitutionally Protected Blogging, takes a look at the legal aspects of blogging and at the responsibility that must be embraced by ‘bloggers and policy analysts’ if credibility is to be established and maintained. While somewhat outside the traditional scope of ThreatsWatch content, on the heels of the MilBlog Conference 2006 and considering the important issues confronted there, it is quite pertinent and timely considering ThreatsWatch’s primary medium.

Craig’s coverage at ThreatsWatch will have a primary focus on Russia and the former Soviet Republics, but will certainly not be limited to them. Readers can expect him to provide contextualized news coverage and analysis on other areas as well.

Craig shares our vision, core values, and belief in the ThreatsWatch mission. We proudly welcome him as a teammate and hope you will too.


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