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CEO Observations From Iraq

Have you ever heard of Business Executives for National Security (BENS)? One of those executives, Joseph E. Robert Jr., recently traveled to Iraq to see the situation for himself. His column in the Washington Post, Dedication and Danger in Iraq, is an important non-media observation. (Thanks Smash.)

I've had the opportunity to travel to Iraq three times, most recently last month, courtesy of the nonpartisan Business Executives for National Security. On every trip I'm struck by the difference between the Iraq I hear and read about back home and the Iraq I see in person. Iraq defies expectations and easy definition.

For me as a business executive, these visits provide a firsthand look at the largest U.S. reconstruction effort since the Marshall Plan. As the father of a Marine who recently returned from a tour in Iraq, I find that these trips also offer a glimpse of our frontline troops that few military families ever see. Among my general impressions:

Read them here.

BENS is an incredible organization, offering leadership by example on how Americans can become involved and contribute to an ultimate victory in prosecuting the Global War on Terror. It is a generational war, requiring patience, steadfastness and perseverance. Many openly wonder where the 'Rosie the Riveter' spirit is today. That spirit is alive and well at BENS.

We at ThreatsWatch salute the members of Business Executives for National Security.