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Archie and Jughead, U.S. Envoys

We're beginning to get caught up at ThreatsWatch from a '72' that turned into a '96' by pure medical (or dental) necessity. Thanks go to John Batchelor for the text of the normally firewalled text and the WSJ article, Archie and Jughead, U.S. Envoys. I found it interesting enough to share in the sprint to become current in other developments.

Zealots do not laugh. The closest they come is to grin while they stand in profile staring into the distance. Laughter undermines zealotry. Hitler smiled early on, but rarely after he became Der Fuhrer. Ayatollah Khomeini smiled, but since he never made eye contact with his audience, his sinister smiles alluded to a wisdom too great to be shared with mere disciples. Laughter could unhinge a person, loosening him into defiance against submission. It's no wonder why all things stern -- flags, weapons, uniforms and street marches -- abound in a zealot's universe. He may promote seriousness as prime virtue, but to the perpetuation of his rule it is dire necessity.

This is why the impending release of Archie Comics in the Arab world is quite revolutionary, albeit the only revolution Archie Andrews has ever known is that of a lovely girl's hips. By 2007, Archie and friends will be available in Arabic. ....

We'll be back to normal visible operations by sunrise, including an exciting announcement that ThreatsWatch readers will definitely appreciate.