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A Vietnam Vet on Losing After Winning in Iraq

Bruce Kesler is not simply a Vietnam veteran, he is a leader among them. And no one knows about trading a military victory for political defeat like a Vietnam veteran. At Democracy Project, he laments that possibility with regards to Iraq.

Nixon’s plan would have worked, indeed did, except for his Watergate downfall leading to the left’s surge in Congress undercutting it all fatally. We won in Vietnam, only to lose it.

President Bush may not suffer a Watergate, and his term be completed. But, absent a refocus of Americans’ and Washington’s attention on the victory we’ve already won, some slip can lead to losing it, again.

Forgive for leading with his conclusion, but those two paragraphs are powerful and important.

He calls for a timetable, which is certain to ruffle the feathers of more than a few. In Bruce's eyes, he sees the advantage that the terrorists and insurgents may gain from it as somewhat less in impact than the drive it would produce among Iraqis to speed up the solidification of their own security forces.

Agree or disagree with the way he looks at a timetable at this point, there's no arguing his lesson on trading military victory for political defeat.