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A 72 for ThreatsWatch

The Army calls it a 'Three Day Pass'. The Marines call it a '72'. Regardless...

Apologies to readers for 3 days of radio silence. The past 72 hours have been away from a PC. Participation in and travel to and from the MilBlog Conference 2006 in Washington, DC consumed most of it. A long procrastinated root canal reared its ugly head in waves Saturday, got progressively more acute, and I could not stay past the early afternoon, unfortunately. No final session and no pub crawl...though at times I did feel like crawling.

The experience of the MilBlog Conference 2006 was simply outstanding. The pleasure of meeting and speaking to so many people you have read and respected for several years cannot be overstated. More on that later.

There are many events and developments to catch up on and attempt to put into proper context. That process will begin shortly.

In the meantime, follow a direct order from Sgt. Hook and Meet the Persians.