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Uncharted Territory: The Iranian Regime's Threat

In full agreeance with Jack Kelly, this most certainly may be the best Charles Krauthammer has ever written. He opens by laying down the history that no nuclear power, not even Stalin's agressive Soviet Union, used nuclear weapons since their first and only combat use in World War II.

But that's the point. We're now at the dawn of an era in which an extreme and fanatical religious ideology, undeterred by the usual calculations of prudence and self-preservation, is wielding state power and will soon be wielding nuclear power.

We have difficulty understanding the mentality of Iran's newest rulers. Then again, we don't understand the mentality of the men who flew into the World Trade Center or the mobs in Damascus and Tehran who chant "Death to America"--and Denmark(!)--and embrace the glory and romance of martyrdom.

This atavistic love of blood and death and, indeed, self-immolation in the name of God may not be new--medieval Europe had an abundance of millennial Christian sects--but until now it has never had the means to carry out its apocalyptic ends.

He clearly Understands Ahmadinejad. Too few do...or perhaps want to admit that they do.