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Text of Permanent Five Agreement on Iran

The IAEA has no enforcement mechanism. While the IAEA has no teeth, the Security Council, at least at this point, also refuses to bark.

As noted earlier, the agreement ultimately reached by the Permanent Five members of the United Nations Security Council is one of no consequences (Permanent Five Agree on Iran: No Consequences, Please). The language is diluted sufficiently to the point of being wholly non-binding in nature. Iran's dossier will be effectively kicked back to the IAEA for 30 days of Iranian tapdancing.

Vital Perspective has obtained the text of the seven-point statement that has reportedly been agreed to by the P-5 and will be formally voted on by the full Security Council later this week and presumably approved.

Of the eight points, items of immediate note:

3. The Security Council also notes with serious concern that the Director General's report of 27 February 2006 (GOV/2006/15) list a number of outstanding issues and concerns, including topics which could have a military nuclear dimension, and that the IAEA is unable to conclude that there are no undeclared nuclear materials or activities in Iran.

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5. The Security Council calls upon Iran to take the steps required by the IAEA Board of Governors, notably in the first operative paragraph of its resolution GOV/2006/14, which are essential to build confidence in the exclusively peaceful purpose of its nuclear programme and to resolve outstanding questions, and underlines, in this regard, the particular importance of re-establishing full and sustained suspension of all enrichment-related and reprocessing activities, including research and development, to be verified by the IAEA.

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7. The Security Council strongly supports the role of the IAEA Board of Governors and commends and encourages the Director General of the IAEA and its Secretariat for their ongoing professional and impartial efforts to resolve outstanding issues in Iran, and underlines the necessity of the IAEA continuing its work to clarify all outstanding issues relating to Iran's nuclear programme.

8. The Security Council requests in 30 days a report from the Director General of the IAEA on the process of Iranian compliance with the steps required by the IAEA Board, to the IAEA Board of Governors and in parallel to the Security Council for its consideration.

See also as referenced: IAEA Resolution - GOV/2006/14

The statement points out the right issues, but the language has been watered down and carries no weight in its current form. Simply put, after three years of the IAEA investigating the Iranian nuclear program with regular deception revealed and secretive programs uncovered, there remains not a single consequence. All the while, Iran chugs forward undeterred.

If you are keeping score, it's another in a string of Iranian victories.