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Team Coverage: al-Iraqiya TV and al-Sadr's Mahdi Army

al-Iraqiya TV quickly aired images of the dead inside the al-Moustafa mosque. All of the dead appear to have been either Mahdi Army fighters or persons in the mosque killed in the crossfire. Zeyad shares a translation of part of what he saw on Iraqi television at Healing Iraq. al-Iraqiya and al-Sadr's Mahdi Army appear quite chummy. The al-Iraqiya cameraman refers to the Madhi Army dead as "our guys".

Someone in the background was asking the cameraman to film grenades lying around the corpses, to which the cameraman responded: "I can't show our guys' grenades."

"No, these are American grenades," the man in the background explained.

"Oh, okay I'll film them."

Al-Iraqiya TV was very critical of the attack, and is describing those killed as martyrs.

Unexploded American or American-supplied Iraqi ordnance left at the scene? A very curious detail, to say the least.