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Signing the Patriot Act

The major cable news outlets may have had a tough call to make. Keep the cameras on Democratic Senators and their response to the news of DPW selling P&O's interest in US ports or switch to the President's ceremonial signing of the USA Patriot Improvement and Reauthorization Act (The Patriot Act).

Senator Harry Reid made it easy for them. His opening remarks included the following statements.

"We want an up or down vote."
"The devil is in the detail. We want a vote."
"The American people have been shocked by what this administration has been doing. We can run through a list of things the American people have come to realize is basic incompetence. Katrina. Prescription drugs. The war in Iraq. Leave no child behind. And, of course, now - this Dubai ports scandle."

Reid on DPW or Bush and the Patriot Act. Not a tough call after all.