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No Breakthrough Iran-Russia Nuke Talks

Filed under: 'You don't say.'

After a fruitless Wednesday session for talks that conclude tomorrow, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Kislyak said, “There was a constructive and serious discussion but many questions remain unresolved.”

What questions, you ask?

“I want to say that the process of enrichment is the sovereign right of any country. You should not take away this right from nations which have a peaceful nuclear program.” (Ali Larijani)

There will be no negotiated settlement unless the West concedes enrichment on Iranian soil. All of the talks to date have died on that point.

It's not complicated, no matter the color nor timing of the various Iranian smoke signals. It's not to the Iranians. It shouldn't appear so to observers.

That Iran refuses to prove their program is peaceful puts them in the same pickle Saddam Hussein found himself in during the years preceding his removal. He played shell games with the inspectors and his bluff was eventually called.

So too will it eventually be for Iran. The bluff may or may not be called in the same manner, but the bluff will be called.