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Jericho Prison Raid: Who Israel Sought

Once again, Vital Perspective has the details, complete with some good background information.

During the length of their incarceration in Jericho, Saadat and Ghoulmi continued to conduct and direct the PFLP from within the prison walls. Their location in prison became a site of pilgrimage for members of the PFLP and others identifying with the two. These visits provided an opportunity to recruit individuals to the organization, carry out ideological indoctrination, and give out orders for activity in the field.

From implication in the intercepted Karin-A shipment of Iranian arms to the assassination of Israel's Minister of Tourism, it is no wonder that Israel moved in when prison security weakened to the point that international observers left the facility.

For any who may doubt that Saadat was able to effectively direct PFLP terror operations from the Palestinian prison, consider that he was able to campaign and win a seat in the Palestinian parliament this past January.

Recall Olmert's warning that no member of the Palestinain parliament will be immune from attack if he is involved in terrorist attacks...even if from prison.

Not exactly the prison break Saadat & Co. envisioned, to be sure.