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Iran Threatens Europe & an Ayatollah Breaks Ranks

At The American Thinker, James Lewis thinks the West would be wise to take the threats tossed Europe's way by Iran at the UN the other day rather seriously.

The story quotes a “Western diplomat” saying that the message “was difficult to interpret.” Oh, yeah? In recent days Ahmadinejad and his gang have threatened the flow of oil to the West (which means attacking tankers in the Persian Gulf). They have repeatedly threatened to wipe Israel off the map. They have promised “pain and suffering” to the United States. And they have threatened terrorist assaults abroad, just like the ones Ahmadinejad ran as head of the al Qods Brigade in Lebanon, Israel and Iraq. That includes blowing up the US Marine barracks in 1981, sponsoring Hezbollah terror attacks in Israel and Lebanon, and today, making shaped-charge IEDs to blow holes in US tanks in Iraq.

For another interesting look at the divisions becoming more visible in Iran regarding the mullah regime's nuclear sprint, Marc Schulman highlights an interview with the secretary of the Qom Seminaries Association of Researchers and Instructors. Qom is the holiest city in Iran and its religious leaders speak with authority.

There are those that would prefer Ahmadinejad reeled in. Some, as the above interview shows, believe the race is a dangerous one. Others would have him reeled in because he simply speaks too much of their intent, flying right into the radar rather than above or below it. In either case, it will be interesting to see how successful either camp will be - if at all - in toning him down in the coming weeks & months.