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Iran Reverses Course Again

Just days after Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said from Brussels that Iran's “contacts with the European Union will no longer be held with the EU-3, but with the different countries of the European Union,” Iran has once again reversed course in it's diplomatic misdirections designed to buy time.

With the Russian talks having concluded predictably without progress, Iran now seeks to once again sit at the table with that very same EU-3.

The ministerial-level talks with the participation of Ali Larijani, Head of the Supreme National Security Council, are planned for this coming Friday, the high-ranking diplomat pointed out.

He said Iran itself had requested the meeting. "We will listen to what Iran has to say but we have no new proposals," the Foreign Office spokesman added.

What does Iran want to accomplish with the last-minute meetings with the EU-3 they had just days ago rebuffed from Moscow? If there were any questions about the Iranian tactics...

Iranian chief nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani told Reuters news agency that discussions with the EU3, scheduled to take place in Vienna on Friday, were being held "to say we [Iran] are in favour of holding constructive negotiations".

Iran's tactics are purely and plainly delay. The EU-3 should outright reject the request and refuse to play the game. There is nothing constructive about calling an official meeting to repeat lines uttered at a press conference.

The only consistency from Iran is their insistance on enrichment. All else has more shifts, twists and tap dances than a St. Patrick's Day River Dance special performance.

Any questions?