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Iran, Iraq and Information Warfare

Contentious exchanges between Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and members of the media occurred during a Pentagon press conference. Aptly titled Center of gravity, the latest at The Belmont Club suggests one read the entire transcript rather than just media reports from those who may have a dog in the fight. When asked if he thought the media reporting on the recent violence in Iraq was one-sided...

SEC. RUMSFELD: Yeah, the interesting thing about it is they all seem to be of a kind. All the things that have later been corrected or need to be corrected or that he believes were exaggerated all seem to be on one side of the equation. We don't see the similar thing on the other side, which you normally would get in some kind of a random spread, one would think.

Though his brief but potent post should be read in its entirety, Wretchard concludes with a perfect closing two sentences:

The enemy may have failed to win the Sunni insurgency; been unable to plunge Iraq into civil war; proved incapable of stopping the formation of a new Iraqi army and state. But none of that will matter if the three themes of 'ongoing civil war', a Shi'ite insurgency and the need to engage in headlong retreat are successfully promoted in "the capitals of the Western world".

In the absence of more eloquent language..."Bingo".