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Inspired by the Kurds ...Deeply

Few peoples have endured and survived a more brutal and sadistic ethnic purge through the means of murder, rape and torture as the Kurds of Northern Iraq at the hands of Saddam Hussein and his henchmen. Michael Totten conveys the Kurds' plight and emergence by sharing a gripping, haunting tour through a Kurdish museum commemorating their darkest days, lest anyone among them in future generations be tempted by complacency to forget. Unspeakable horror assaults visitors in every room, through every hallway and upon every wall.

The Head of the Snake is a must read. Through an economy of words and graciously shared images, Michael provides what may be the only way most will ever be able to experience what the Kurds endured, survived and all too vividly remember.

Yet, as horrifying and haunting as the images that the pictures and words create in one's mind are [left etched by a child on the wall of a children's torture chamber: “Dear Mom and Dad. I am going to be executed by the Baath. I will not see you again.”], the blackness of the experience is inspiring. Almost disturbingly so. For through it all, carrying deep wounds that transcend the scars of terror and a pain that can only possibly be imagined, the Kurds have not turned their victory into revenge, lurching violently and understandably outwards.

No, they have turned inwards, rebuilding their own lives and families, entrusting to their own rule of law, following instead their drive toward economic prosperity and building their Dream Cities, ensuring they are home to the Safest City in Iraq rather than become home to dark and bloody revenge.

Thank you, Kurds. Thank you for your leadership by example. May the world take careful, thoughtful note.

Can there possibly be any doubt: Kurdistan the Model.


thank you steve for your kind words !! long live freedom loving people !!

long live kurdistan

zana kurda
sulaimanya- iraqi kurdistan

Thank you Steve,

As a Kurd I am deeply touched by your kind words. It is good having friends like you. I wish you all the best.

Thank you Steve for your kind words & your understanding,We the Kurd are peace loving nation,we are we are proud nation and Kurdistan is our beloved homeland,we don't beleving the violonce .As nation we have ritgh to exicet and no one could denied that NO AtaTurk,Arab nor Fars or any force in the world take that away from our brave nation .For the thaousands years Turk,Arab,Fars emp they used vicous tactic and every wapen in there arsnol to destroy our great nation without mercey but they couldn't do it,and they never will,{ YA KURDISTAN YAN NAMAN} B.Penjweny

I am uncomfortable saying 'You're welcome' for several reasons.

First, because I am the one thanking you for your people's example.

But, among the many other reasons, perhaps the most important is because any thanks for showing the world the nature of the Kurds in this particular instance, certainly does not belong with me. It belongs directed toward Michael Totten.

Michael is the one who has walked with Kurds, listened to them, seen what they showed him and observed what they have not.

So, for whatever insignificant effect my few words here may have, you are, I suppose, welcome. But please be sure to thank Michael first and foremost.

His words are telling the story. I am only a mere, faint echo of his considerable efforts.

Visit him here: Michael J. Totten


This is a great piece I have read lately, along with Mr. Michael Totten's articles. We need more great pieces like yours to show the world how free and flourishing Kurdistan is.

All the best,

Lawk Salih