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DPW to Sell US Interests in P&O

Senator John Warner announced on the Senate floor that Dubai Ports World will "transfer fully the operations of U.S. ports to a U.S. entity."

The AP and Reuters have early reports with limited details currently available. It appears that the six US ports involved in the purchase of P&O by DPW will be sold to an unnamed American company.

At this moment the press is eagerly awaiting a Democratic press conference to discuss the deal. The political fighting now appears ready to move from opposition to the deal to taking credit for what appears to be a solution. Or perhaps to opposition to foreign ownership of airlines.

1 Comment

This is not how one treats their friends. The UAE has been a solid ally in a hostile region to the US. The short term political interests by members of Congress from both parties raised above national security interests of the country is sickening.

Kind regards,

Bill Rice