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Disservice: Media Panting on Iran's Claimed Test

The unending panting over a claimed missile test we know nothing about is frustrating on many levels. Consider the following headline:

This story, without further aid from the Iranians, has now progressed from a radar-evading rocket test to a stealth missile test to a MIRV ICBM test to, ultimately a ‘Nuke Test’.

This is getting out of hand.

From CBS’ own text:

State Department deputy spokesman Adam Ereli said he had no technical details on the test firing, but "I think it demonstrates that Iran has a very active and aggressive military program under way."

Read that again:

Adam Ereli said he had no technical details on the test firing…

From this, the headline leads with “Iran’s Nuke Test”?


We at ThreatsWatch have consistently been waving the Red Flag on Iran since we began just four short months ago. There is enough information available to make the case against the Iranian regime without the need to manufacture a story or even to embellish one.

There is absolutely no need for this panicked panting over phantom Iranian MIRV's they can't even properly arm to justify confronting the Epicenter of Terrorism that the Iranian mullah regime is. In fact, it is a gross disservice to those who work endless hours burning midnight oil, paid or on their own dime, to communicate the true nature of the Iranian regime’s threat – past, present and future.

Just to name a few:

That’s hardly even a beginning. Needless to say, if one needs a phantom MIRV ICBM to be compelled to take note, then close enough attention is simply not being paid. This should be corrected.

Note: We missed EagleSpeak on the same subject earlier. You should not. We agree: "Let's see the footage."