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Desert Fox and 9/11 Connection?

Was the timing of the late-1998 Operation Desert Fox bombing of Iraq related to the inspiration for and planning of 9/11? Security Watchtower brings to the fore a report by Scott Malensek: Media Reports Connect Saddam to 9/11 Plot. In it, he uses various media reports surrounding the events to support the possibility.

We echo C.S. Scott at Security Watchtower, who says to his reaqders, "I'll leave you to arrive at your own conclusions after reading it, but Malensek is a serious researcher who has a great deal of knowledge and information on both the topics of al Qaeda and Iraq and in this case, lays out ties using nothing more than media reports and a known timeline of events."

After setting the background of Desert Fox and a Presidential Daily Brief that warned of a plot to hijack airliners, a key paragraph:

According to numerous U.S. media sources, including ABC News, Time, Newsweek, and The Guardian, the threat of Al Qaeda retaliation upon the U.S. was more than sympathy. It was cooperation. All four reported that on or about December 21, 1998, (right in the middle of the 150-hour period when the plot was apparently set in motion) Iraq asked bin Laden to move his headquarters to Iraq. The 9/11 Commission confirms this as well. Those same four media sources also declared that in the days when the 9/11 plot was set in motion, Iraq and bin Laden had decided to work together.