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Danish Flag Banned at London Free Expression Rally?

Curiously, in the ‘March For Free Expression’ demonstration intended in part to show solidarity with Denmark, the London police were out in force, overtly photographing participants (described as ‘a very intimidating presence’) and demanding that Danish and American flags be brought down. Michael Totten asks, ”What free expression?” He offers photographs and links to other on-site coverage in a follow-up, London Policing.

The display of foreign flags did not seem to be of much concern during the May 2004 Al-Nakba Demonstration in London.

Perhaps the standard is equally applied since the 2005 London bombings. To be fair to the London authorities, they did videotape the London Muhammed cartoon protesters, yet their signs with "Massacre those who insult Islam" and "Europe you will pay, your 9/11 will come" were not demanded taken down.

But the Danish flag is?