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China's Ticking Time Bombs

If you missed it yesterday, be sure to take a look at China's Ticking Time Bombs at Winds of Change. While many of us often concentrate on the external Chinese role of military, geopolitical and energy competitors, Joe Katzman reminds that China's more critical challenges are social and internal in nature.

No, this isn't about Chinese militarism, or nationalism. Instead, it underlines some points made in Winds of Change.NET's long look at China's possible futures.

The projections re: China's "inevitable" economic rise to surpass the USA by 2040 or whatever fool date miss a whole lot of things, but here are two:

  • The rural time bomb
  • The demographic / pension problem - which points toward the real second time bomb

Have a look. One of my favorite posts/articles of the week, driven by thought and not the current news cycle.