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Arrest Warrant for al-Sadr?

From Zeyad at Healing Iraq:

Saddam's insignificant trial went on today. I didn't hear anyone mentioning it on the street. Why do they bother keeping up that charade? I would have cared if some other people today were standing trial. There was an arrest warrant issued for a certain young cleric, which the official Al-Iraqiya TV is now calling 'His Eminence, Sayyid Muqtada Al-Sadr, may Allah preserve his glory,' during newscasts.

I guess I am just sick and disgusted of it all.

...'His Eminence, Sayyid Muqtada Al-Sadr, may Allah preserve his glory'...interesting. Not very reassuring, but interesting.

Mohammed at Iraq the Model noted the pictures in Zeyad's post and wondered, "Am I supposed to feel safe when I see this?"

I have not seen anything else noting an arrest warrant issued for al-Sadr, but that would be a rather significant move. If there is something that has been missed, please share a link in the Feedback section.


There was one on murder charges which was issued sometimes during the first Sadr rebellion. It was later withdrawn as part of Sadr's peace deal.

'fraid I don't have any more details.

Thank you, Dr. Golanski. I was thinking the same thing...

Possibly Zeyad was refering to that, though his context suggested to me it was something he may have recently heard on Iraqi television.

I would, however, assume that such a significant development would be widely reported in Western media once Iraqi television made such an announcement.

Perhaps he was juxtaposing the once-existent arrest warrant from earlier with the current newly-appointed and affectionate title being used in reference/deference to him?

Thanks for the input.