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An Army of Analysts

Michael Tanji, of one of our favorite new spots, GroupIntel, has written an excellent article for the Daily Standard called An Army of Analysts. It is definitely worth a few minutes of your day to read his words, especially if you have followed or contributed to the analysis and/or translation to the recent releases of Iraqi, al-Qaeda and Guantanamo Bay detainees documents.

And, as Michael says, let's give credit to the man responsible for all the heavy lifting.


Listed below are links that reference An Army of Analysts:

» An Army of Analysts (Scroll for Update) from GroupIntel
My latest article on the document issue is up at the Daily Standard. As mentioned in the text the Blog swarm on GITMO detainee docs is being run by Captain’s Quarters. Head here if you are not familiar with An Army of Davids or Wisdom of Crowd... [Read More]