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al-Qaeda, Zarqawi and Israel

An interesting post today at RedState on 'al-Qaeda's Next Jihad'.

Within days, al-Qaeda in Iraq ceased posting messages on the Internet. It was thought that Zarqawi would head the new council however, the local jihadi became confused, when on Jan. 20, the council named its new leader, Abdullah Rashid al-Baghdadi.

With the stage one seemingly under way, the expulsion of the United States from Iraq, and stage two also being put into place, that being establishing Iraqis in the government, including al-Baghdadi, it was time to initiate stage three.

More on this later, as time is very limitted today. In the mean time, be sure to read the first comment as well, Gordon Taylor's addendum.

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I see this as somewhat the opposite. Failure in Iraq as even the Sunni minority turns against them, the Iraqi Army recruiting Sunnis in droves (800 in Fallujah yesterday), noplace else to go except maybe Somalia. They have failed in Iraq, they can't go to Pakistan, there is no global groundswell of Muslim support, the only thing left is that old standby, the Palestinian/Israeli issue. It is the only cause left that they can inject themselves into with any hope of even token Muslim support.