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Zawahiri's Son-in-Law Killed in US Strike in Pakistan

The January airstrike by US Predator drones in Pakistan may not have killed Ayman al-Zawahiri, the intended target, but it hit close to home for him.

Pakistani intelligence (ISI) has said that one of the dead is Abdul Rehman al-Maghribi, who is possibly Zawahiri's son-in-law.

Musharraf did not offer the names of the two militants killed in the Jan. 13 attack, which officials also said killed about a dozen civilians, including women and children.

But Pakistani intelligence officials have told The Associated Press that they were Midhat Mursi al-Sayid Umar and Abdul Rehman al-Maghribi.

Al-Maghribi was a Moroccan and relative of al-Zawahiri, possibly his son-in-law.


I envy your appetite and excitement for any damage caused to a group of outcasts!!!


al-Qaeda and its leaders are just some misguided lot?

Forgive me for not chuckling away at 'outcasts' who take pleasure and pride in vaporizing over 3,000 of my fellow citizens as they prepare for a day's work in office towers.

Yes, I take particular interest in their demise.

No worries, Christopher. Sleep well. They're just rabble-rousers, after all. Outcasts.