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UK to Iran: Stop Making Threats

A British official notes that Iran should give "some pause for thought" before continuing along the oft repeated path of threats, according to a VOA News report. Meanwhile, in the House of Commons, Tony Blair suggested that Iran take note of the rare unity among the Permanent 5.

"It is important surely, at this moment, above all else that we say that they have to come back into compliance with their international obligations and we all support the action necessary to do so," he said. "Now we are pursing that, as I say, in front of the U.N. Security Council but its important that they understand from this House, I hope, that we are united in determining that they should not be able to carry on flouting their international obligations."

While the same montra from Iran has been repeated after every Western move since December ("Stop, or else we are going to resume enrichment!"), it seems as if Tony Blair and the unnamed 'senior British official' are saying in response, "We heard you. We got it. Now be quiet already."