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Totten on the Revival of Kurdistan

In an interview by Stephen Spruiell of NRO, Michael J. Totten discusses his two weeks in Iraq. Totten limited his vist to Kurdish areas and had this to say about their efforts to rebuild:

"Massive, and I mean massive, reconstruction. In Sulaymaniyah, there are 300,000 people living where three years ago there were only half as many. Like all massive urban immigration, most of the people are settling on the outskirts. But unlike in the most of the third world, the outskirts aren’t slums. They are so nice, in fact, that you might not believe you were in the Middle East. You would look at some of these pictures and swear that this wasn’t the Middle East at all."

It is well worth a read or two. And while Totten limited his trip to Kurdish areas of Iraq, for well explained reasons, and notes that the remainder of Iraq is quite a different story - it is heartening news to see that some, even if not for Iraq's cause, are finding the ways and means to constructively rebuild their society.