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The 2006 Counterterrorism Calendar

From the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) comes a fantastic unclassified resource for the public, the 2006 Counterterrorism Calendar.

The calendar not only lists significant terrorist events and attacks on appropriate days of the year, but also includes very useful inserts interspersed throughout the document, including informative one-sheets on key at-large terrorists, various terrorist organizations and valuable information such as "Bomb Threat Stand-Off Distances" and "Indicators of Suspicious Financial Activity".

The entry for today, February 13:

2000 - Colombia: FARC, ELN stage series of attacks; kill 12 and kidnap at least 16

Download and make good use of the 2006 Counterterrorism Calendar.

We appreciate and acknowledge the diligent work of the men and women of the National Counterterrorism Center, created in 2004, including but certainly not limited to this outstanding new resource made freely available to the public.

We should all tip our hats in appreciation of the work they do daily on our behalf.