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Text of EU Draft Resolution on Iran

The IAEA Board of Governors is debating the language of the Draft Resolution on Iran, which can be read in its entirety at the link below:

Text: European Draft Resolution on Iran

The epicenter of the document is as follows:

4. Deeply regrets that, despite repeated calls from the Board for the maintaining of the suspension of all enrichment related and reprocessing activities which the Board has declared essential to addressing outstanding issues, Iran resumed uranium conversion activities at its Isafahan facility on 8 August 2205 and took steps to resume enrichment activities on 10 January 2006;

5. Calls on Iran to understand that the Board lacks confidence in its intentions in seeking to develop a fissile material production capability against the background of Iran's record on safeguards as recorded in previous Resolutions, and unresolved questions; and to consider its position both in relation to confidence-building measures and in relation to negotiations that can result in increased confidence;

6. Requests Iran to extend full and prompt cooperation to the Agency, which the Director General deems indispensable and overdue, and in particular to help the agency clarify possible activities which could have a military nuclear dimension;