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Tehran Preparing for Conflict

From Amir Taheri, Iran: Macho Talk and Reality.

The Tehran leadership under President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, however, appears confident that it can take on the UN and win.
• It has completed “emergency plans to face aggression” and is busy building a network of logistical support facilities in the western and southern provinces.

• Some $3 billion has been added to the regular defense budget in the form of a “supplement for emergency exigencies” under the direct control of the “Supreme Guide” Ali Khamenei.

• The “Supreme Guide” has also created a “High Council of Military Planning” under former Defense Minister Adm. Ali Shamkhani.

• A list of “high priority” sites that might be attacked has been established and their protection against air strikes or ground sabotage operations beefed up.

• Import of “sensitive goods” has been increased to build up stocks to face sanctions.

• The Central Bank of Iran (CBI) has transferred some $8 billion of its assets from the European Union to Asia to forestall the possibility of its accounts being frozen by the EU.

The international network of radical organizations created and supported by Iran has been put on full alert.


Iran scenario is getting dangerous and interesting. Adrenaline is already flowing, whatever unfolds will be interesting to watch!!!

You forgot some

*Hizbullah has been probing the Northern Israeli lines with fire and infiltration.

*HAMAS probing the lines in the Southern Israeli lines with fire and infiltration not to mention the reinforcements and extra supplies smuggled in from Egypt.

*HAMAS consolidating power in the rest of the “occupied territories” bringing into alliance Islamic Jihad ect..

*Sadr stepping up the pressure on the British in the Southern Iraq/Basra area. Also the sudden pressure position shifts in Iraq by the Shia wanting MNF to go and now Sunni wanting them to stay as the balancing moderators.

I think a good sign of things are about to go hot will be when Iranian diplomats all over the world are suddenly kicked out or outright arrested. I believe Irans main weapon is going to be the use of terrorist as the “guided missiles of the Muslims”. The goals I imagine would be the belief that the West will capitulate in the face of massive civilian casualties. Other than that they will be trapped their military immobile dug in for survival, their missiles on the run, their Navy & Air Force decimated in the initial days if not hours.

I don’t really see a huge land invasion (I believe that would cause the rally around the flag reflex of the Iranian people) but I do see a massive air campaign “shock and awe” that will decapitate the leadership and decimate the gov organization, military, and of course destroy the WMD & nuclear facilities. Maybe some SOF work and a nation wide no-fly-zone.

The only question I see, is the west/US going to let Iran hit first for PR advantage or are we going to hit first going for the strategic advantage?

Look at the cartoon nonsense.

IAEA makes a referral..which Iran would have known about 5 days ago.

IAEA board embassies burning.(Sweden shares with Denmark, Egyptian ship sinking without reason...)

'79 all over again.

Tehran is in full court press.

The war has begun.