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Headaches for Hamas

We missed this Friday. Be sure to read the Chicago Tribune editorial, Headaches for Hamas.

Hamas is getting a good lesson in the vicissitudes of democracy. One day, they're basking in a stunning upset victory in parliamentary elections. A few days later they're squirming, berating as "blackmail" the world's demands that they set aside violence, scurrying to find other countries to fund their terrorists.

But listen to what Egypt's powerful intelligence chief, Omar Suleiman, said last week. Hamas, he declared, should "One, stop the violence. Two, it should become doctrine with them to be committed to all the agreements signed with Israel. Three, they have to recognize Israel."

That's excellent advice, which Hamas is not likely to take.

Hamas is surely not going to take such advice genuinely. But whether or not they now, finding themselves with the burden of governing, go the way of Fatah and practice taqiyyah in exchange for $1 billion in annual gifts...well, that remains to be seen.

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It's becoming increasingly apparent that it is only the policy of positive engagement that is going to work with Hamas. It is only by way of positive engagement that there are best hopes of influencing the managements of Hamas otherwise like Iran it will be many 25 years before we come to realize the truth.