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Palestinian Riots and International Abandonment in Hebron

Palestinian cartoon rioters have caused the complete abandonment of the Temporary International Presence in Hebron, with over 60 leaving today. From The Guardian UK:

In Hebron, hundreds of rioters, most of them youths, overpowered a Palestinian police detail at the compound of the Temporary International Presence in Hebron, or TIPH The police were stationed at the building after the Danish cartoons began sparking protests across the Muslim world more than a week ago.

Some protesters threw bottles and stones at TIPH's office building and tried to set it on fire. A few forced themselves inside, where unarmed observers waved clubs in an attempt to drive them off. After reinforcements were called in, Palestinian police pushed back the crowd - but not before protesters had smashed nearly all of the windows in the mission's three-story office building, and damaged three TIPH cars.

Eleven Danish members of TIPH left Hebron more than a week ago, but after the attack Wednesday, all 60 members of the mission's foreign staff who were inside the building decided to leave for their own safety, mission spokeswoman Gunhild Forselv said.

If the election of Hamas into leadership were not enough, actions like this only serve to cement Palestinian isolation. Not a good move for a people completely dependent on international generosity.