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On Europe's Non-European Future

Interestingly juxtaposed with Bruce Bawyer's Hudson Review column contrasting an American in Europe's reassessment of his native home with a look forward at Europe, today Donald Sensing offers very interesting commentary on Europe’s non-European future.

Tony Blankley speculates that the coming years in Europe may be bloody as ethnic Europeans (my term, not his) realize that their governments are determined to surrender to the Islamists. The masses, he says, may suddenly decide not to stand for it and the prospect of open battles in the streets of major cities may become reality. Or maybe not, Blankley says, because it’s far from certain as well that the masses of Europe have that kind of energy or fight left in them.

But even if they do, they will still lose. The death spiral is real, not speculative. Unless the European masses decide to accept 20 years of a dramatically lower economy so that women can leave the work force to have 2-3 babies apiece, Europe, as a European continent, is done for. What do you think the odds of the masses deciding to do that are?

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The European economy could probably sustain itself after the loss of large numbers of women from the workforce if European workers would:

1) Work more hours per week
2) Take shorter vacations
3) Retire later
4) Draw smaller pensions

They need to give up the idea of the Socialist-welfare state. Somehow, I doubt the Europeans are ready to make such "sacrifices." It's a pretty gloomy future Europe faces.