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MEK Calls for Sanctions to Boost Internal Overthrow of Mullah Regime

Maryam Rajavi of the Mujahedin el-Khalq held a press conference asking the West to resist appeasing or attacking Iran's mullah regime in the nuclear crisis, suggesting instead that sanctions, strong sanctions, would cause enough internal pain to inspire opposition groups (such as the MEK) into action. She spoke from the MEK's Paris headquarters.

Rajavi, 52, called for the West to avoid responding to Iran's nuclear ambitions with appeasement or a military invasion. Instead, she said political and economic sanctions would fortify democratic resistance among Iranians, with her group, whose name translates as People's Holy Warriors, serving as a vanguard.

"The Iranian resistance has a capacity to bring about change," Rajavi said. "Knowing this, the mullahs have always in their dealings with their foreign counterparts demanded the imposition of harsh restrictions on the resistance, branding it as terrorist and a sect."

Despite Rajavi's contention that she is a moderate Muslim espousing a peaceful, democratic Iran, her initiative seems a longshot at best.

Update/Note: It is difficult to discern what the LA Times' writer meant with the last quoted paragraph above, or precisely how he linked (with the word "Despite") her religeous/political beliefs with any conclusion of the likelihood of success of an internal regime change in Iran. It reads as a personal swipe, and the rest of the article goes on to criticize the MEK in one form or another rather than provide additional information supporting his assertion that an internal overthrow is unlikely. The challenges such an endeavor faces can be easily listed out.

While I do agree that, with every passing day, an internal overthrow is dauntingly more difficult (though not impossible), I fail to understand the logic of the last quoted paragraph above.

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As an Iranian-American, I was surprised to see Rotella’s comments about Maryam Rajavi and the MEK. If you have little background information about Iran, you will notice that these comments were simply a repeat of the same old list of allegations against the group offered by a propaganda campaign run by the Iranian mullahs.

The danger of an Iranian regime equipped with a nuclear weapon is real and serious. To solve that problem we have three options. One option is to continue the appeasement policy of the past three years. Another option would be to start an Iraqi style war against Iran. The third option is to rely on the Iranian opposition and people to do the job.

If the first one has failed and the second one is not an option, then what do we have to lose by supporting what the opposition proposes?

If the third option seems attractive, then taking the obstacles and pressure away from the Iranian exiled groups seems like the best realistic move.