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Iraq: Victory without Winning?

After outlining the three alternate asymmetrical strategies available to the terrorist fomenters in Iraq, Victor Davis Hanson observes the long-existing conditions that can be frustratingly termed 'victory without winning'.

The terrorists, whom I did not talk to, but whose bombs I heard, answer back that while they fear the Iraqization of their enemy and the progress of democracy, they can still kill enough Shiites, bomb enough mosques, and stop enough rebuilding to sink the country into sectarian war — or at least something like Lebanon of the 1980s or an Afghanistan under the Taliban.

It is an odd war, because the side that I think is losing garners all the press, whether by blowing up the great golden dome of the Askariya shrine in Samarra, or blowing up an American each day. Yet we hear nothing of the other side that is ever so slowly, shrewdly undermining the enemy.

If Iraq survives this deadly test thrust upon it by the camera magnets of al-Qaeda in Iraq, can anyone possibly deny that this has been a war on a steady - though not unhindered - path to victory without the public ever getting the sense that we and the Iraqi people are and have been winning?

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i think this is absolutely true..I think its unfortunate that many americans believe a war is won like a sporting event..4 quarters and its over...American forces have recieved so much negative press that a any positive information goes negated..Very few know that high ranking al-qaeda leaders are being captured every week..Americans need to stay commited to victory. "you dont think the union army thought about running after devastating loses in the beginning of the civil war did you." As long the will to fight and maintain the ups and downs in the war, history has proven that ancharcy thriving murderous individuals or groups will never win..their will will break when the support deminishes..