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Intel to Build Tech Education Center in Gaza

With all of the controversy surrounding foreign aid to a Hamas-led Palestinian Authority, American enterprise steps up to the plate to demonstrate precisely how to help the Palestinian people...and it isn't through grants to a governing body. Intel is setting up a technology training center in Gaza City. Not a charity. A for-profit business, seeking a mutually beneficial relationship with Palestinians willing and capable of learning new skills in exchange for helping Intel establish themselves in the Middle Eastern markets.

Most notably, there are no middlemen in government buildings to skim directly from the program before it ever reaches the people.

Now this is how an entity offers assistance to the Palestinian people. Don't give them scraps for standing in line or for being on government payrolls. Give them valuable skills which lead to careers rather than jobs. Give them reason to wake in the morning...unleash productivity and fulfilling endeavors.

Begin to create an employable workforce and watch businesses materialize to make use of that resource. At first, most will be foreign, but it will only be a matter of time before Palestinians leverage their local knowledge and begin building profitable Palestinian businesses employing a newly skilled talent pool, exchanging goods and services both domestically and abroad...even (or especially) with Israel.

It has always seemed rather arrogant to me how various governments, American or otherwise, always believed that the best way to assist the Palestinian people was to transfer raw dollars from one inefficient government to the other. This, in the long run, is nonsense. This creates nothing but further dependence.

Inspire them. Show them that they can do it. And then watch them do it.

Read anything on the root causes of terrorism and the central theme will not be the popularly trumpeted Islamic cause...it will be hopelessness. Plain and simple.

Intel shows the world how to give the Palestinians hope...by giving them skills, not cash from America or Kalashnikovs from Iran or Kassams from al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades.

Cheer loudly for Intel and take note.

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I completely agree. Good post.