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Inside the Bubble: Warlock vs. IED's

Troops try and stay 'inside the bubble' of the Warlock radio jammers, the latest defense against IED's. They don't defeat the bomb, but defeat the RF devices (usually wireless phones or cell phones) used to trigger them.

On a patrol near the town of Balad this morning with 1-8 Infantry, the driver of the Humvee I was in appeared to be tailgating the Humvee in front of ours. Later he confessed that he was trying to stay in what he called the "bubble", the effective range of the Humvee's Warlock radio jammer.

Warlock is a family of systems designed to counter improvised explosive devices, many of which are triggered remotely by radio.

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This is a critical area for sure with so many of our troops' injuries and deaths attributed to IED's.

The JIEDDTF (Joint IED Defeat Task Force) is one of the primary elements of the development of technologies for this purpose.

The "Warlock" is an interesting approach and thanks for the links (especially to DefenseTech.Org), but even though I clearly don't know any details, the JIEDDTF is still researching "forward looking" detection systems that will ID these IEDs "on the fly." Its the "on the fly" part that makes it so problematic from what I know since many of the vehicles are traveling at 50+mph and therefore outpace the detection capability of many of the available sensors (like spectroscopy). One word for the future, "terahertz."