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Col. Steven Davis: Western Anbar on the Right Track

The Iraqi-Syrian border is more secure by the day, as described by US Marine Corps' Col. Steven Davis.

U.S. Marines recently took an important step in making the area more prohibitive to insurgents by enclosing the city of Rutbah in berms and establishing entry-control points, Marine Col. Stephen Davis, commander of Regimental Combat Team 2, said at a news conference. Rutbah, which sits astride two major supply routes, was the object of Operation Western Shield, Davis said.

"This town had the unfortunate occurrence of being strategically placed there -- very convenient for smugglers, terrorists, insurgents to operate in and out of there," he said. "And we've been gratified to find most all of the people the live in the town thanking the Marines and the Iraqi soldiers that are working these tactical control points, coming in and out -- thanking them for ridding the town of the bad guys, in their words."

Operations along the Syrian border continue to progress, and the villages along the border now are getting consistent power, clean water, and new schools and hospitals, Davis said. Border forts are established, and terrorists do not have freedom to move between the two countries, he said.