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al-Sadr's Militia Going Underground

It is odd, isn't it? After Muqtada al-Sadr proclaimed from Damascus that he and his militia are 'at the service' of Syria and Iran, he now is calling for peace and tranquility in Iraq? Jed Babbin is on the money today:

Calls for calm in Iraq emanating from Moqtada al-Sadr last week are being viewed by some as good news. What they ignore is the fact that Sadr, while calling for peace, ordered his militia to stop wearing their trademark black getups. He sending his people underground, which may well mean the terror campaign we haven't seen from him before is about to start in earnest. Could mean other things as well, but this guy calling for peace is the rough equivalent of Bonnie and Clyde decrying lousy bank security.

Put Babbin's observations in context with the linked statement above about al-Sadr proclaiming his service to Syria & Iran, and you will share his concern.

Hit the AmSpec Blog main page and scroll up from the original comment for an interesting exchange there on al-Sadr and his possible motives.

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It's only a matter of when not if when Shiite forces in Iraq will turn their guns against US.