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Afghanistan: A Ground-Level Strategic View

The 24-hour Question and Answer period has concluded at Global Guerillas, where John Robb shared a source with readers, a field-grade officer just back from a tour as a team chief at strategic level command in Afghanistan.

Both John and readers posed an array of questions that AR answered within the bounds of InfoSec. Scroll through the comment section for the excellent & insightful Q & A at Global Guerillas' Fourth Generation Warfare in Afghanistan:

John, the Taliban are very loosely organized, mostly in platoon sized or smaller organizations. Most of the Taliban activity is located in the south, in Helmund, Kandahar, Uruzgan (where the four soldiers were killed two days ago by a large IED) and Zabul provence. The Eastern border provinces of Paktika, Khost and Paktya also hold Taliban fighters or are used as transshipment points to other places in the country. Basically - anywhere along the border with Pakistan there will be some Taliban.

Also, still relatively early on in the conversation:

Infrastucture, or the lack there of, is a major, major problem with Afghanistan. It's mind bending to see how little infrastructure is in Afghanistan. Even in Kabul.

I'll break the infrastructure down into a few different categories - roads, power generation, construction, communications and water purification...

Read on. Thanks to AD for his time and insight and also to John Robb for sharing.