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Able Danger Hearings

With a good look at the latest in the Able Danger hearings, AJ Strata has put up an Able Danger Hearings summary.

In my review of the audio tapes I identified 54 news worthy items of interest. These are things that were previously speculation and now being confirmed, additional information that changes or expands what we believed to be the truth about Able Danger, and some new revelations. These items are contained in the three parts of the analysis I did as follows: my post on Part II covers items 1 - 15, Part III covers 16 - 35, and Part IV covers items 35-54. I will refer to these in this post so I do not have to repeat what is written already.

Fair warning: I am interpretting statements based on my knowledge of working in the Federal Government, extrapolating some comments as well, and speculating what it could mean. It is possible I read too much into a comment - though I have tried to check myself. I will do so again once the full transcript is out.

He's covered the Able Danger topic like a hawk and with insight and as much objectivity as he can muster. His detailed initial hearings summary is definitely worth your reading.

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