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A New Direction for China’s Defense Industry

That's the title of a new RAND publication that looks ahead at China's defense industrial complex, considering implemented improvements and advancements expected, rather than it's past inferiority.

Over the past 25 years, a prominent and consistent conclusion of Western research on China’s defense-industrial complex has been that it is rife with weaknesses and limitations. This study argues for an alternative approach. From the vantage point of 2005, it is time to shift the focus of research to the gradual improvements in and the future potential of China’s defense-industrial complex, rather than concentrating on its past and persistent weaknesses. Certain Chinese defense-industrial enterprises are designing and producing a wide range of increasingly advanced weapons that, in the short term, will enhance China’s military capabilities in a possible conflict over the future of Taiwan and, in the long term, China’s military position in Asia.

China observers may want to sit with this one for an evening. A nice companion to it is The Military Potential of China’s Commercial Technology of a few years ago. It's a fascinating read.