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A Long War

From Neptunus Lex: A long war.

We cannot submit. But the more we fight this, this slow attempt at the strangling of our freedoms, the very things that define us, the more radicalized become our adversaries. In that radicalization, young men – and it is men, very few “protest babes” are observed in any of this – men who have been denied many of the simpler pleasures of this life but promised Hefneresque obscenities afterwards bring in their after draft an increasing number of passive co-religionists. People of a generally non-violent bent who fear to be labeled “apostate” - a death penalty offense under the sharia - and who grow increasingly persuaded that the war against terror is not against terror at all, as we have framed it, but against their faith. They grow convinced that this is a war being fought against their very selves.
They are been dragged towards the fringes by an Islamist information campaign that we have clearly underestimated. The jihadis are organized, intelligent and committed – where do you think the villagers in rural Pakistan or in Gaza found Danish flags to burn? Why do you think these protests explode into the streets only now, when the cartoons were printed in September?
As the Islamists carefully craft their message to appeal to Muslim sensibilities, the perception of the war in the minds of the great, undecided middle shifts gradually away from modernity and towards reaction.

Read it all. There is nothing that need be added to it here.


But But But the NYT's says that it is WRONG for our military to be seeding the Iraqi press with stories??

It really ticks me off when our leadership allow our subversive elements to getaway with subverting our war effort like above then later on like now again complain about how we are not doing what we were stopped from doing. Errrrrrrrrrr

When can we get some leadership that is not scared to take the LLL's to the mat on their ideas? Even if we had lost at the time now the window would be open to beat them over the head with their retarded ideas and beliefs.

The QDR understates, IMO, the truly "long" nature of this War on Global Terrorism.

What concerns me is the lack of cohesive strategic thought on the subject.

The QDR makes many points a bit more clear. Now, all I have to do is read the whole damn thing and come to my own POV regarding how it relates to homeland security and counterterrorism (my assignment!).