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1993 WTC Bombing Anniversary

The Counterterrorism Blog reminds us that today is the 13th anniversary of the 1993 WTC bombing and challenges all of us, NEVER FORGET.

A close friend of mine was present for both attacks, and was among the thousands running in vain to escape the ominous encroaching clouds of dust and debris as the first of the Twin Towers came crashing down.

Our circle of family and friends is lucky to be able to throw another burger on the grill for him rather than throw another flower...well, someplace else. We are lucky and we will never forget. Not 1993, not 2001.

None of us should.


People should remember that the intent behind the '93 attack was to topple one tower into the other. It was -- fortunately -- a poorly conceived attack that failed in its ultimate purpose. So the terrorists tried again, and 9-11 was the result.

And some people still believe the 9-11 attack was just a one-time event. Santayana has been proven right yet again.

This is dedicated to:

John DiGiovanni

Robert Kirkpatrick

Stephen Knapp

William Macko

Wilfred Mercado

Monica Rodriguez Smith (and her unborn child)

A little over eight years after the first attack nearly 3,000 innocent people were killed on 9/11/01. All of the promises that were made to increase security did little to save our friends on that tragic day. Unfortunately we all thought that we could take those in power at their word and that they would protect us and our families. We were wrong.

On 2/27/06 they will begin construction at Ground Zero and once again promises are being made. We cannot afford to let history repeat itself. The powers that be once again play three card monte and once again put lives at stake. They are very happy with the fact that the 9/11 families are fighting about how the names will be listed on the memorial or whether the memorial should be above or below ground. They must have been in their glory when the discussion moved away from construction on to the number of ramps in the new design and they must have been just giddy when the President of the Firefighters Union did not even mention anything about the construction requirements in his letter to the editor today.

The bottom line is that they will continue to be satisfied as long as the topic of construction safety is not mentioned. Back in August the City Council promised that they would look into helping us get the Port Authority’s exemptions removed. So much for promises. Our appeals at the city, state and federal levels were met with the same lip service.

Well here we are, construction is starting and the builders will still not be regulated by NYC Building and Fire codes.

From 1993 to 2001 6 became 3,000

Let’s not let this progression continue. We owe it to the victims of 1993 and the victims of 2001. We owe it to all those who will be working and visiting the new buildings when they are completed.

Not one beam should be placed until the Port Authority gives ups its exemptions and agrees to build by the NYC Building and Fire codes.

Can anyone tell me what order the names where in on the WTC Memorial for the 1993 victims? The Memorial that was lost on 9/11/01.

Let’s not get caught up in this game of three card monte that they are playing with our lives. Let’s stand together on this as it is really the most important issue. All of the other issues will seem minor if we do not learn from our mistakes after 9/11/01 as we did not learn from our mistakes after 2/26/93.