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So...Is the Army Broken?

For an intelligent take on the defense/media question of the day, read Jason at Countercolumn, as he confronts the issue: Is the Army Broken?

[Note: The direct link to the Countercolumn post referenced here is broken, so simply scroll down to the post by the same title...at time of this pub, the second entry down.]

Jason says that the author of the recent original Pentagon study on the issue, Andrew Krepinovich, "is legit, though not infallible." Among several well-reasoned points offered for consideration is this no-nonsense observation:

But if the Army's really under strain, it would show up first in spare parts budgets and NCOES and ranger school training slots and ammo budgets for training purposes stateside. To get perspective, talk to some chief warrant officers. I suspect they'd tell you that things are pretty tough. But they appear worse than they are because Congress didn't get its budget out on schedule, and there's a lot of money out there still uncommitted, but programmed against pending orders.

That's not a war issue. That's a bureaucratic and fiscal management issue.